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DUMBEA RIVER: at 20 minutes from Nouméa

At only 20 minutes from Nouméa, the Fayard Park in Dumbéa will offer you during the weekend from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm or the school holidays,

kayak or paddles excursions in a nice spot .
If you’re interesting to come during other times just contact us.
You’ll also find some sanitary, barbecues and a big car park.

BLUE RIVER PARK: a trip on an exception earth

Do you like adventure?
This trip at 1.30 from Nouméa is for you.
Join us at the « Blue River Park », « Yaté lake », to enjoy unique landscape of south of New Caledonia and of the « Drowning forest » during a supervised trip or by yourself.

NB: If you’re doing an activity other than « Full moon » you’ve to pay the admission at the
« Blue River Park » (400FCFP/person) too.